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The Micro Foodie Podcast

The Micro Foodie Podcast Show is coming in May of 2015

Have you ever wondered "how did that successful food business owner get his/her start?" or "what goes on behind the scenes of a celebrity catering service?" and "how do you get funding to start a food business?" Check out my new podcast show The Micro Foodie for the answers to these questions and more. As many of you know, I have been working on this new podcast show for months. I interview successful food entrepreneurs and chat with them about how they got started in the industry and their ...

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Tangy Garlic Chicken Wings

Quickie Recipe: Tangy Garlicky Aioli Marinated Chicken Wings

Here is a quick and easy chicken recipe that will work for the grill, broiler or the oven. I used mayonnaise in the marinade which gives the wings a great flavor as well as tenderizes the meat of the chicken. The longer you let the wings marinade the more flavorful they will be. Using a…

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