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Vegan Coconut Nog Hot Cocoa

My break up with Dairy and Vegan Coconut Nog Hot Cocoa Recipe

As much as I hate to admit it, I am becoming irritated by dairy. I notice whenever I have a bit too much cheese, yogurt, milk, or most recently Egg Nog, I get very mucousy and my sinuses swell up. This is no good for a singer or anyone who uses their voice as an instrument, whether speaking or singing and I use my voice for both. It has happened on more than one occasion and as soon as I cut out the dairy, I go back to normal. So, I am slowly replacing certain dairy items with other substitutes ...

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Lobster Tom Kha

Thai Lobster Tom Kha

I am a Thai food fanatic. Thai is in my top five favorite cuisines from around the globe. One of my favorite Thai dishes is Tom Kha soup. I can judge a Thai restaurants character by how their Tom Kha is done. If the soup is too sweet, too sour, or too creamy, or not…

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